[Namron] Continuing a good thing

Darlene Vandever hlannes at ev1.net
Tue Sep 27 18:25:10 PDT 2005

> With the best of intentions I agreed to bring the idea
> of the Guild to Ansteorra and to Namron.  I'm sorry if
> that has hurt people's feelings or stepped on toes.  I
> got caught up in an enthusiasm.  This group has been
> very helpful to me and I just wanted to share it with
> others.
> Isobel
Dear Isobel,
I think your efforts to reach out to those who need it is commendable. Those 
who don't need it don't need to be involved. Please continue on your efforts 
to bring this service to our Kingdom. I think that it will help many and 
therefore needs to be continued.

As for the hurt feelings and stepped on toes, that is just part and parcel 
for anyone who brings a new idea into an established group. People get 
threatened by new things. If this is truly a good thing...and from my 
readings of this thread it would seem to have more to its merit than to its 
detriment...continue in your efforts. Some will partake and some will not. 
This is life. Some will praise it and some will run it into the dirt. This 
is also life.

I am understanding that this is like an email list or a yahoo group? Did I 
miss a link somewhere to join? If so, please post it again either privately 
to myself at annescvb at ev1.net or publicly again. While I have been coping 
with increasing lack of mobility due to advancing arthritus for more than 20 
years, I would like to see what others of limited mobility have done. 
Perhaps I can learn something of value or pass along things that have or 
have not worked for myself.

Long story short, it seems you are onto a good thing. Please continue.
Mesterinde Annes
Kingdom Historian
Person coping with arthritus, diabeties and various other health ailments 

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