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Tausha Walker rentausha at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 27 20:47:08 PDT 2005

I realize that I am very late to this discussion. I tend to read all of the posts first. I just have a couple of things to say. 
First thing. I did not see anything in the original post that said that this guild was perfunctory. That makes it just like any other guild in my eyes... voluntary. If you don't want to be a part of it,  don't join it.  They will not involve you if you do not wish to be involved. As Isobel said in a earlier post, it is up to the individual to educate others about their specific disability or whatever. Guilds by definition are very similar to households. The last time I looked,  the definition was something like;  "a group of people who band together for the purpose of researching a specific idea, subject, culture, etc. " The difference between a guild and a household is that anyone can go to a guild and learn.  Not everyone is allowed within a household.  What's wrong with forming a guild to study, research, or promote something you are interested in? This guild has it's place just as all others do. 
Next thing. As a former hospitaler, I am a little upset at the way the whole title thing was addressed. I would handle this in private posts, but because  it was done on the group list I feel everyone needs to see this. Isobel made a mistake. Please, e-mail her privately on something like that. If someone had jumped on me on a public list when I was a newcomer, I wouldn't be in the SCA. I would probably either be doing research on my own or involved with the Aisle of Avalon or some other group instead. I love the SCA and I try hard to share the dream with others. However, when I get them to a meeting and they make a mistake like introducing themselves as "Lord, Lady, or Sir" so and so, and someone jumps down their throats for it, it is really hard to get them back. Who knows what they might have become. It's not easy to foretell what mistakes some might make. No matter how much we try to explain it, some won't understand until they become part of us. Just keep in mind that everyone
 makes mistakes. Please think hard before you correct someone in a group forum.
Lastly, I do understand why some of you don't want to be part of that guild. That is fine. However, keep in mind that your needs and the needs of others are different. You that are getting by fine because of those of us that love you are doing great.  Others are not.  Please allow them the freedom to research and come up with their own solutions. Let's not beat them up because of what they choose to research.
I guess that's all for now. I don't think I offended anyone but if I did, I apologize.

In Service I remain,
H L Celeste Alinor Courtenay de Montmorency
mka Tausha Walker

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