[Namron] One more try....

Nancy Peay npeay at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 29 16:36:43 PDT 2005

>This started because there were some groups, location carefully not
>specified, where people were actively trying to discourage folks in
>wheelchairs, using walkers, etc.: taunting them, telling them that
>their wheelchairs and walkers and whatnot weren't welcome, and so on.
>That attitude needs to be changed, and the way to do it is by making
>support available to them as wants it.

Yes, and I deplore that attitude.  As our population gets older, many of us 
are going to have to use wheelchairs, walkers, and whatnot.  If the 
mundanity of such things offends you, at least have the courtesy to consider 
them "conventionally invisible" and overlook them.  I do applaud those who 
make some effort to conceal the mundanity of such objects (I remember Bjorn 
putting a donkey's head on his scooter and calling it his "steed").  It's 
better to encourage such efforts than to make people feel unwelcome.

And while we do have to use sites that have obstacles to some people's 
mobility, when we can it would be nice to take that issue into account.  At 
least let people know if a site is unusually hilly, etc.  Also, maybe the 
more able-bodied among us could try to use the more distant or less 
accessible campsites and cabins, leaving the closer-in ones for those who 
are less agile.  I'm not saying that we have to dictate who "qualifies" for 
a particular campsite, just (again) show some courtesy to others  -- what we 
should all aspire to.


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