[Namron] Greetings From Your Medieval Fair Liason

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Lady Shadow

We would be delighted to have you display your Blackwork talent, either as part of the Arts & Sciences display or perhaps under the Hospitalers' Pavillion.

Having our Artisans and Crafts people exhibit the wide variety of talents our groups have is a wonderful means of providing a memorable experience for our guests and perhaps encouraging some of them to join our madness <G>.

So if you have something you would love to share with our community (and Med Fair attracts nearly 1/4 MILLION visitors -that's more than 3 Sooner Football games) please let me know and I'll do my best to find a place for you.  Believe me, it is always enjoyable to have someone come up, curious about what you are demonstrating, and being able to enlighten and enthuse them.

Again, my e-mail is   wolfgangvonsachsenhausen at yahoo.com

or feel free to ring me at 405.360.4150

In Service
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  I can sit in an artisan tent with my blackwork if you need another 'gentle craftlady on display'.  Lady knows, I need a 
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