[Namron] Axeman III in a Nutshell

Kaitlynn Morgan kaitlynnmorgan at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 12 15:53:05 PST 2006

Thanks to all who braved the friged weather to make it to Axeman III. And 
for those who couldn't make it... here's the event in a nutshell!

*Disclaimer: Sorry if I forget anything or misspell any names. It was a long 

Morning Court:
Lord Halldor was recognized for his service to the group by the members of 
the Canton.
Gunnar recieved his Torsad for service to the Barony of Namron

The new chapion Axeman for the Canton of Skorragardr: His Excellency 
Thorgrim Northkeep
Best Death: Curtis Blackburn

The New Rapier Chapion: Don Nevarr
Best Death: Redulf Von Holt

Thrown Weapons: Lord Arthur Black Moon

Archery Cancelled  Due to Weather  :(

Brewing: Mead: H.L. Barat Fitzwalter Reynolds
Beer: Master Oxlade of Moonshadow

A&S: Lord Darius of Skorragardr

Bardic: Svan's Lady (her name currently eludes me, sorry!)

Evening Court:
Lord Halldor made a special presenation to Don Nevarr and to Baroness 
Nicu the Heartless and Lucrezzia the Beloved recived their AOA's.

Tavern kept everyone warm and nourished by providing and array of tastey 
meals and warm drinks, even with the fireban!

I hope that everyone who came had a good time (in spite of the cold), and 
those who didn't will make it next year.

However, Axeman could not have happened without the hard work and dedication 
so many of you gave us this weekend. Thank you, thank you, thank you to 
everyone who helped out. Sometimes it can be the smallest things that make 
the biggest difference.

I almost forgot!! We got that little "Incipient" problem taken care of!! 
We're Offical!!!

~Lady Kaitlynn Morgan
  Incipient Canton of Skorragardr

P.s. Please contact me or Svan (although you may have to resort to bribery 
to retrive your items from the North man).

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