[Namron] AxeMan 3

Chass Brown chass at allegiance.tv
Wed Feb 15 10:45:22 PST 2006

Hailsa I bring news. Everyone knows we had 3 newbies in our encampment at Axeman 3. Well I must say... They felt the dream.. they talked to the people.. they were told of the dream, and verious different views of it. One of the 3 today sent in his membership application due to Skarragardr's event and how they held the dream for all to see. Another of the 3 will be sending in his application when he gets his check a week from friday. Vivat Skarragardr you helped kindle the dream in a group of newbies. 

(p.s. Namron Hospitaler another app sent in today inside Namrons borders here in McAlester)

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