[Namron] Beltane and brewing?

Chass Brown chass at allegiance.tv
Sat Feb 18 11:30:42 PST 2006

The rules say I can enter as a C catagory (wine) (my Melomel Blackberry 
Wine) due to the fact I actually follow a wine recipe that is period but I 
substitute the sugar for honey (thus making it a melomel aka Honey Wine), 
and still be able to enter my plain Mead as a Mead Correct? Since it is 2 
seperate items correct? Just need a little clearification on the rules.....

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> question to settle a disagreement with a friend of ours... according to
> research, Melomel is considered a fruit mead, my memory of the brewing 
> rules
> is that Melomel is considered a wine?  Please clarify for my sanity. :)
> Elizabeta of Rundel

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