[Namron] Populace for Tuesday 2-21-06

Radei Drchevich radei at moscowmail.com
Tue Feb 21 16:53:58 PST 2006

For the Record. 

I would be willing to contribute to the cost of the hall, but If Food
Purchase is required I can not afford to come.  I live on SSDI<$722 /
month>, it is difficult for me to afford to perticipate at all.  An Extra
$10 for Food purchase each meeting would make it beyond my financial



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  Sorry for the confusing screen name here as I am not subscribed to
  this list.Due to the conditions that Denny's has placed upon the
  barony for the meeting is it my understanding the the barony is going
  to provide funds for us to purchase food there??Wilhelm von

  Brad Stanley <vortmax at cox.net> wrote:

    Namron's Populace meeting will be held at the indoor facility at
    Andrew's Park tonight at 7:30.

    I have driven the roads in Norman and all is clear. The forecast
    is for
    persistent temperatures above freezing.

    This will most likely be the last populace meeting at Andrews due
    to new
    (higher) rates. Currently I have us pencilled in at Denny's back
    meeting room for our March 1 meeting (free providing that people
    food). The Unitarian Universalist Fellowshi! p has also been
    suggested as
    a possible meeting place ($25). If anyone else knows of possible
    meeting facilities, please get in touch with me regarding
    and/or rates.

    Lord Thomas of Weathshear
    Seneschal Namron
    (m.k.a Brad Stanley)

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