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Marthe Cole claryce at cox.net
Tue Feb 21 21:02:22 PST 2006

Hi all, de-lurking for a few.

First of all, we've met at eating places before in the past.  All of them put the "must order food" into the agreement.  All of them (that I'm aware of) knew that not everyone would order something, but they wanted at least *some* of the people to order something...after all, that's how they pay the bills.  

So unless Denny's is different, they won't insist on everyone ordering something.

However, this is only a temporary fix.  In most cases, a restaurant owner/manager gets very tired of "renting" out space when not 100% are eating.  Especially if they believe (realistically or not) that they could fill the space with paying customers.  Again, that's expected.

>From my experience, I'm pretty sure that any other meeting-place ideas that you all have would be appreciated, and potentially looked into.  There's *always* a need for good cheap meeting spaces, because it's nice to have a few backup spots in case something happens to your first choice.

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