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Grimmie ldgrimhun at cox.net
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When using a restraint for a meeting not all of the people attending the 
meeting are required to purchase food as long as some people get something 
to eat or drink the restraint will be pacified. Any place we use has to 
recoup the cost of using the area, there is the electric for the lights, 
heat, water for the toilets and someone to open and close the facility and 
to clean it. If you want a free place then you use a park or some ones 
residence (some one want to donate electric for the lights, heat, water for 
the toilets and clean it before and after the meeting) I did it when I was 
in McAlester. If you are lucky you may find some one who is willing to 
donate a area but rember even if it is not being used at the time of the 
meeting it cost some one for the comfort that you are wanting that you 
cannot get in having the meeting outside (to hot, cold, windy, bugs.....). 
We have GP median tent we could set it up for the meeting but people would 
say it is to much work for the time it was used and someone would have to 
supply the heat and something to set on.

At one time the Barony had a place it was called the Loft. I am not privy to 
the cost but I know the Barony had less than a $1,000 in the bank . At that 
time the Barony had very little money at that time, events were cheep (yes 
2.50 site and 1.50 feast cooked on a camp fire, well try to forget the half 
raw chicken and killed on site sheep, also the spaghetti buffet. LOL) Maybe 
we could find a permanent place to rent. It was nice to have a place to stay 
if you traveled to a Namron revel (only Annabel and Angus, Ace) had ever 
offered me a place to stay when I would come from McAlester to Norman for 
Medfair after the closing of the Loft. I Have been to several indoor events 
and at 12:00pm they would say thanks for coming but we have to close and go 
home. I had to sleep in my car or find a motel. A Revel should be dry if you 
have to leave because you cannot stay till the morning I rember a Medfair 
revel and the Loft floor was covered wall to wall with campers.

Don't you love the new SCA hospitality?

When we have to have a event the site that has to have a full industrial 
kitchen, heated main hall, cabins, and full Men/Women showers with flushies. 
The fond memories of Lake Taylor, Lake Arcadia, and Dirtybird (Thunderbird).

I get down off the soap box and help the next person up.
All most old as the hills. (There are some that have been in the SCA 
longer). LOL
HL Grimmie
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  All the options for meeting places and the reasons to choose them or not 
choose them were covered at populace.  It would be tiresome to review them 
here, in this unofficial forum, as opposed to Populace, which is *the* 
official way to distribute information. 

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