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Welp official way to distribute information or not some of us can not make populace and this is our only way to know whats going on. We are trying to make it to more populaces but like some we have a 2 hour drive just to get there for populace (and yes we are within the baronies borders). 

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  All the options for meeting places and the reasons to choose them or not choose them were covered at populace.  It would be tiresome to review them here, in this unofficial forum, as opposed to Populace, which is *the* official way to distribute information.

  There are some churches under consideration.  Lord Thomas has contacted Community Centers, libraries, churches, restaurants, nearly everything.  He is aware that it is very important to get the location information out ASAP.  He also mentioned that anyone who does not have access to the Internet should CALL him.  That's why all officers of a barony must have telephones, and their numbers are listed in the second official form of communication, the Plume. They are not required to have an email address.

  To speak bluntly, none of our officers are dumb enough to meet in a place that requires each member of the populace to fork over money each time they enter the building.  Please use reason.  They have bills, children, health considerations also.  Resume your panicing after they make a decision.  If you have a concern, take it to Thomas.
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