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Wed Feb 22 16:42:32 PST 2006

Your absolutly correct my Lady,
We shouldn't use this forum for official communications.
However, this list becomes very useful for the passing of polite information.
Please everyone, let's not get our feathers ruffeled.

As long as I have been playing in this society, there has *always* been the everpresent issue of meeting places.
Our beloved Senechal (may he rule long and well) is trying his ever best to deal with the current situation. All the help you can give him would be greatly appreciated. ie. call around yourselves and find out a bit of info. that you can then pass on to him.  *service announcemt finished*

As for you Ms. Advocate, shame on you (swat nose with feathers), you of all folks should know better than to try and stir up a situation under the guises of taking an opposite position for the sake of better understanding.
Now go watch ten hours of monty python for pennance.

in service,
Master Aethelstan
residant junior underflunky

>   This is sooo funny, Since this is an Unofficial forum, why be distributing any "official" information on the list anyway? call me the devils advocate, but does that mean all event info is not official if it distributed on the list? Does that mean any info on meetings is not official if it distributed on the list?? does that mean we should preface our posts with the disclaimer of this is not an official announcement of..... Blah Blah Blah....
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