[Namron] Meeting places

Donnchahd Beag mac Griogair donnchadh at cornelius.norman.ok.us
Wed Feb 22 16:48:09 PST 2006

>     Muriel wrote:
>     All the options for meeting places and the reasons to choose them
>     or not
>     choose them were covered at populace. It would be tiresome to
>     review them
>     here, in this unofficial forum, as opposed to Populace, which is
>     *the*
>     official way to distribute information.
>     _______________________________________________
> Susan Campbell wrote: 
>     This is sooo funny, Since this is an Unofficial forum, why be
>     distributing any "official" information on the list anyway? call
>     me the devils advocate, but does that mean all event info is not
>     official if it distributed on the list? Does that mean any info on
>     meetings is not official if it distributed on the list?? does that
>     mean we should preface our posts with the disclaimer of this is
>     not an official announcement of..... Blah Blah Blah....
>     Ducking for cover -
>     Lady Susannah Blackthorne
Basically, the list is no more official than a phone call.  That doesn't 
mean that people can't talk about items of interest, but polls of the 
populace and official decisions are done at populace meetings.  Now, 
once an official decision has been made, of course it makes sense to let 
everyone know about it in as easy a way as possible, and the list does 
help spread the news quickly.  Also, if the Seneschal or Their 
Excellencies need to get out information in between meetings, the list 
is just ONE MORE way of doing that.

In this specific case, as Muriel pointed out, we had a discussion at 
populace meeting about where to hold our future meetings.  No decision 
has been made yet, so I'm sure there will be future discussion on the 
subject.  If you want to have input on the subject, then by all means 
come to populace meeting and have your voice heard.  In the mean time, 
if you think of a possible good spot for the Barony to hold our 
meetings, take a few minutes and see if the owners would allow it, and 
how much, if anything, they would charge.  Because a workable solution 
to the problem would be more appreciated than just complaints about the 
options we have so far.


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