[Namron] Meeting places

Brad Stanley vortmax at cox.net
Wed Feb 22 18:44:35 PST 2006

OK, time for some clarifications (most of which were made at the  
Populace meeting Tuesday):

1) I said we were "pencilled in" for Denny's.  That does not me we  
*are* meeting at Denny's.  I only reserved the room before someone  
else did (as was the case at *every* facility I called before last  
night's Populace meeting).

2) In my original post, I said "free providing that people order  
food."  I apologize for not being more clear and leading some to jump  
to conclusions.  When I said "people," I meant "enough that the wait  
staff assigned to the room are compensated for their time."  The  
Denny's manager stated to me that the room is free as long as her  
waiters "are taken care of."  I asked for clarification, and she said  
as long as most people order and tip as they normally would.

3) I asked for suggestions and assistance in finding possible meeting  
locations for future Populace meetings at the Feb. 1 Populace  
meeting.  I pursued several possibilities mentioned at that Populace  
meeting myself, but every one of them was either booked or over $50  
to rent.  I received no suggestions after that Populace meeting to  
pursue.  Therefore I personally reserved the facility at Andrews once  
more for last night's populace meeting.

Last night I renewed my plea.  I have received feedback from two  
individuals regarding the places they mentioned last night.  One is  
available Wednesday but not the third Tuesday (Boy Scouts and  
basketball have it that night), and the other is $50/hour.  I thank  
these individuals for their assistance (you know who you are) and  
humbly request that if anyone else has an idea, please let me know.   
Better yet, please inquire yourself so I can take immediate action  
should it be feasible.

I have placed a call to the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship and am  
awaiting a return call from the individual responsible for reserving  
the facility as I type this.  I will try to reserve this facility for  
the next two Populace meetings.  If I cannot obtain this facility for  
both meetings, then I will obviously have to pursue other options.  I  
want to reserve a space by Friday at the latest so I can get a timely  
notice to everyone.

If you have any objections to this, please let me know.  Better yet,  
please think about options that you may know about.  Even better:   
follow up with these options and let me know the details.  Your  
efforts aren't just assisting me, they help the whole Barony.

Lord Thomas of Weathshear
Seneschal Namron
(m.k.a Brad Stanley)

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