[Namron] Populace for Tuesday 2-21-06

Samarrah bint Annaan samarrah_bint_annaan at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 23 10:13:25 PST 2006

If my library were closer you would all be welcome! 
However, I'm in Maysville.  If ya'll don't mind the
drive, I'd let it be used Gratis.


--- Susan Campbell <arspudsmom at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Greetings -
>   Understanding its been a while since I have been
> to a Namron pop for reasons of Not driving at night.
> For those of us who do have issues like this,
> knowing where pop is going to be at BEFORE the date
> would be a wonderful thing. Why can't we use a
> library meeting room?? I would love to come to pop,
> but I have to get  a ride, and Its kinda hard to
> find one when you don't know where its going to be
> at untill the day of or a few hours before. Anya,
> can we rent a spot at your church?? Dana what about
> at yours?? As Weisenferer found out, a resturant is
> great, however, it only works for so long and you
> either out grow it, or you end up with not alot of
> people buying food. And with Med Fair coming up we
> need some consistancy since it is one of the bigger
> times we gain members for the Barony. You can yell,
> Kick, scream at me if you want. I'm use to it. 
>   Ldy Susannah Blackthorne
> Brad Stanley <vortmax at cox.net> wrote:
>   Namron's Populace meeting will be held at the
> indoor facility at 
> Andrew's Park tonight at 7:30.
> I have driven the roads in Norman and all is clear.
> The forecast is for 
> persistent temperatures above freezing.
> This will most likely be the last populace meeting
> at Andrews due to new 
> (higher) rates. Currently I have us pencilled in at
> Denny's back 
> meeting room for our March 1 meeting (free providing
> that people order 
> food). The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship has
> also been suggested as 
> a possible meeting place ($25). If anyone else knows
> of possible 
> meeting facilities, please get in touch with me
> regarding location 
> and/or rates.
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> Seneschal Namron
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