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Whelp (as explained by Lord Ulfgar Kaunradsson)-
  I shall begin by giving the strictest of deffinitions of the term whelp (taken from dictionary.com)- 
  1) A young offspring of a mammal, such as a dog or a wolf.
  2) a. A child; a youth
      b. An impudent young fellow
  3)a. A tooth of a sprocket of a wheel
     b. Nautical Any of the ridges on the barrel of a windlass or a capstan.
  And now I shall go into great detail:
  As a young member of Wolfstar I am indeed newly born with tail and tooth, and therefore a whelp. As I am 21 I am indeed seen as a youth, among those who are at least a few years my elder. An impudent young fellow... well there are some things *cough cough* that I have done that I havn't been proud of. 
  A tooth of a sprocket of a wheel- as a part of the house we whelps work hard to keep the house moving, and work hard for it. Working our tails off every chance we get for the betterment (and in my case working for the furthering of The Love) of the pack. 
  Now my own opinion and feelings and definition of being a whelp- Being a whelp is a high honor gifted upon those who Wolfstar see as good enough to attempt to become one such canine. We are tested by tooth and tail working us like dogs (err... wolves) to become great productive members of wolfstar. It is a most Wonderful often Loving thing to be whelped in Wolfstar, through hard work and love bonds of brother and sisterhood are solidified. Also each whelp is taught many things by Wolfstar at large and also taught individually many things from their Star (sponsor). My own Loving Star being Pooky has taught me the Great Art of Loving. Loving others, Loving ones Self, Loving the House, Loving the game we play, Loving the Love, and that which by *cough* fortunate or unfortuante (take your pick) circumstances, Loving those of the Fairer sex. 
  But to answer the question originally asked: "What does Wolfstar do with their Whelps?"
  Well this too is a long drawn out question... Things come to mind like, feeding them in manners that are befitting their Whelp status, throwing them to the pit to be measured through battle, Loved and Cared for, Guarded jelously and protected, Worked like the dogs *coughs again* I mean wolves that we wish to become, and in short fully indoctrinated into the ways of Wolfstar, get our teeth checked and given our shots (whether they be rattan or Wolfsfire or both) and groomed to become excellent members of that Most Loving and Wonderful of Households Wolfstar!
  Ever Loving,
  Lord Ulfgar Kaunradsson Whelp of Lord Pooky


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I know a whelp is a very young dog. And what Wolfstar does with their
whelps I don't want to speculate on.

Inquiring minds want to know!!!


< Lets here from one of those young pups from House Wolfstar. One of 
Namron's very own.

*Lord Ulfgar,

What is it I do with you?

I am told inquiring minds who do not wish to speculate avidly want to know.

In one Facet of THE~DREAM I am perceived as,

Pooky ~ Ambassador of House Wolfstar's Love and House Wolfstar's Brightest 
Shining Star

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Pleasurable emPorium!!!
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Center of Loving Thought!!!
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