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Today in school I was speechless, we talked about street durgs.  The younger kids in class 18,19 etc. answered most of the questions.  When asked "Why have you dealt them" the answer was not suprizing, "money, status power".  They told us how to make street drugs which was not suprizing.  But when asked "Why do you do drugs" they answered "to make the world go away and have a euprohia feeling". When asked "but aren't your problems still there when you come down" the answer was "yes that's why you try to stay high".  When I asked "but isn't there something else you could do to get the same feeling". The answer "yes but why I am going to die anyway".
  I got the same answer over and over. "But why I am going to die anyway" and the drug we were talking about was mainly pot.
  Parents some of these kids started feeling this way at age 7 please, please talk to your kids.  This is a serious problem, I don't know what the answer is but we have to try and do something to let them know the world doesn't have to be all dark and gloomy.

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