[Namron] Official or not (it's merely pining for the fjords)

Jim L Couch jimcouch at gmail.com
Fri Feb 24 16:20:52 PST 2006

All this useless information!!!  No one has yet to answer what it
takes to get a wealp whipped to a welp with the whip of a paddle. 

Carry on


On 2/24/06, muriel at entelesoft.com <muriel at entelesoft.com> wrote:
> Sorry to help beat the dead horse, but we each get a swing now and then.
> Let's answer each question in the last post separately...
> Q.  If the meeting place is subject to change, shouldn't that information go
> out ahead of time?
> A.  Well, DUH.  Once we HAVE a place, the information will go out.  In the
> Plume, on the website, on the list, word-of-mouth, etc.  Our Seneschal has
> been working for MONTHS to get a new site.  As all the people more
> experienced than I have posted here, this is much more difficult than you
> might think.   My advice: If you weigh the options and don't find it worth
> your time to come if finding the meeting will be a hassle, don't come to
> populace until we have a stable meeting place.  This will solve your current
> problem.
> Q.  How are newcomers supposed to find a group that does not meet in the
> same place everytime, and the meetingplace isn't known to members until the
> last minute, if they missed the previous meeting?
> A.  Again, DUH.  They CAN'T.  Unfortunately, if we dont HAVE a place to
> meet, we can't very well tell them to meet us there.   Secondly, I'm sure
> everyone would love to meet the same place every time.  Circumstances and
> expense prevent us.  We aren't galavanting all over town changing the
> meeting place at the last second for every meeting.
> Q.  When a meeting is cancelled due to snow, shouldn't an officer be present
> at site to inform those that do not have instant access to the information
> of cancellation?
> A.  Pooky IS an officer.  He also volunteered for that duty.  Secondly, it
> is rather, er, unscientific to assume that because a new Seneschal handled a
> novel situation a certain way that it will happen exactly like that every
> time, in every situation, for the rest of eternity.
> The "it" that you seem to refer to includes one instance, that of that one
> time we cancelled a meeting.  Everyone on this list knows we're trying to
> find a new place for populace because the last place upped their price.
> They also know that we are having a hard time finding a new place.  It is up
> to you to decide what is best for you in light of these circumstances.  No
> one can hand out information that does not yet exist.  We cannot meet at a
> place that has not been found.
> There is no real point to debating the issues here as the people directly
> involved in the process are too busy with the process to read all our crap
> and answer every person's list posts individually.  That's not to say that
> you can't debate on the list to your heart's content, but know that most of
> the people responding (including me) aren't close enough to the action to
> describe everything they've already considered or where they're at.

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