[Namron] Attempt # approaching infinite

Lord Pooky lord_pooky at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 24 19:12:12 PST 2006

This is attempt #2 to type this to the list without accidentally hitting 
delete.... Oh Sigh....

I will share many of MY thoughts in one post so are easier to delete.

I am having no luck. The fates are conspiring hard against ME. This'll be 
the third attempt.  Maybe I should recognize and refrain.

MY apologies for ware-ing upon your deleting finger The only way all of us 
will get this and get thru this is if I do multiple posts. Maybe if I hurry 
I won't invoke the Wrath of the fates. I'll hurry.

Topic I : Oh Officer where art thou?

>   When a meeting is cancelled due to snow, shouldn't an officer be present
>at site to inform those that do not have instant access to the information
>of Cancellation?  Did not happen at the dec meeting that was cancelled.

* Pooky is Minister of Children and is considered an Officer.

>If Pookie had not been there at least 5 cars of people that I saw ,in the 5
>minutes I waited for answer, would not have known the meeting was 

Topic II:

>All this useless information!!!  No one has yet to answer what it
>takes to get a whelp whipped to a welp with the whip of a paddle.
>Carry on

* Oh this ain't gonna be easy. <Deep breath>

While we wonder why we would whip a whelp to whelps with a whip or words, we 
would also wonder why one would want whelpage into Wolfstar.
Would we while aWay our work with wicked wantonness or would we wish to wax 
our work with willingness?
( I'm frazzled help ME out here Samarah your better at this then I am. I've 
misplaced the other 17 stanzas)
Ahem! Moving on.

Topic III : Information dispersal

Hmm.. I am now armed with a populace list. Which is to say .... nope I am to 
tired to be cute. Start over.

I'd be willing to call and receive calls to exchange and disperse 
information. I'm pretty well known in The Barony of Namron and I bet I can 
get answers to ... nope I here you thinking up silly questions already.

If you need to know something I bet I the person who knows it, knows ME. 
Radai I'll put ya on speed dial gimmy your number and I'll keep you plugged 
in. Everybody else can call too. Only 9 other coveted touch access buttons 
available on MY Magic communication sporran vibrating button thingy.

Topic IV : Teaching Kids...

I'd Like to humbly thank Lady Dagmar Kind and Caring wife of Syr Owen for 
being THE person to confirm her willingness to teach the children something. 
{ Thank You }

I will be putting the Full Force of The Pooky behind this teaching kids 
something medieval. Teaching? NPO? I hope it's in our charter or mission 
statement somewhere.

As to the rest of you, prepare to be inculcated.

Topic V : Children / Drugs / No sense of hope /// parenting...

There is not enough ink in this magic box to allow ME to share MY thoughts 
on this subject.

Since M'lady and M'Dorm Mothers Post I have had a song going thru MY head.

I'll type a lyric of it " We can cha-ange the world "

Topic VI : A place to meet

Since day one I have'nt taken part in this message stream. I thought on day 
one that the time I would spend typing could be better spent making phone 
calls to solve the problem. I have not made any phone calls. But I will make 
two phone calls in penance* for this paragraph.

( *wink at junior flunky applesauce)

Topic VII :

Nope the rest is lost to the wind, sands of time, and the will of the fates. 
It's easy to think it once and egg freeken zoss ting to recreate it 3.5 

Topic VIII : Official Word / Worded Officially

I have faith ( HA! LMxO ) never mind.

I have faith if something is an Official Word to be delivered in whatever 
medium, the person dispersing the information will be kind to their Pooky 
and preface it by letting ME know it's official.

Topic IX : Things Kid-ish like stickers

Thank you and hugs and handshakes to Samarah and Radai ( too tired to page 
thru and check spelling ); Thank you for the offer of kid's stuff!

I have plenty of storage space in The Realm of the Pook. If anyone has 
anything that could be construed or misconstrued as kid's craft crud I'll be 
happy to come by and relieve it from your lives.

Topic X : As Always

Let ME know how I can help.

Unconditional Love for the Barony of Namron and a select number of it's 
(That's funny, I don't care who you are!)


P.s. See you at Northkeep's Demo tommorow, huh?

Do your shopping and make your DREAM at Poppa Pookie's Plentifully 
Pleasurable emPorium!!!
Get your education at Poppa Pookie's University of Empathy and Learning 
Center of Loving Thought!!!
Our Motto: "THE~DREAM is the Value of The~Love"

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