[Namron] Official or not (it's merely pining for the fjords)

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I promise, I don't have any money like that laying around.


Welcome back Bubba.  Long time no read.


When I was in the Marine Corps, we had a "frost call" system.  The Platoon
sergeants called the squad leaders (or section heads), who called their
subordinates, who called their subordinates, and so forth ad nauseum.  And
even this system had problems and was not 100% effective.


I think it might be worth finding a way to post the information.  Be it on
the Web site, or on an answering machine (which would have a recording
announcing the current plan/changes), or something like that.


HOWEVER, I think we've beaten this dead horse to death and beyond.  We've
gone way past the point where we've established that some of us perceive a
problem to exist. Let's quit bitching and wanking about this, and solve the


Does anyone have a solution for this?  A way to communicate to diverse
people across half the state?  And it has to be easy and cheap.


Any takers?



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RESPONSE.  And I know the Senechal and I are not on the best of terms, But I
had to ask for the location 5 hours before the last meeting.  nothing had
been said.  weather called for freezing rain and nothing had been said.  I
ended up not being able to attend because we had freezing rain here 85 miles
from Norman.  And if you note, I stated I would be willing to contribute to
the cost of the room, I think most would rather than have to go to a
restaurant and feel oblagated to order food. 

Even the Herald doesn't answer e-mails. so why post e-mail addresses at


First off, just because you've sent an email doesn't mean that it got there.
I send emails all the time that are trapped in spam filters, that get
"accidentally" deleted, or just disappear into the ether that is the
Internet that we know and love.  If I was trying to decide if I should make
a two-hour drive in inclement weather, I would *not* be counting on an email

I don't live in Namron, of course.  I love to come home and visit my Society
family and friends there.  And I try to keep up on what's going on by
information inputs like this mailing list.  I don't think "we can't find a
regular place to have a meeting" is a new issue...it was going on 10, 15,
and 20 years ago when I was there.  And I suspect it'll continue long after
I'm gone.  Unless the Barony is going to go and purchase something (and I'm
betting Matthias doesn't have that much money laying around), this issue
will continue.

Radei, we haven't met yet.  The only impressions I'm getting of you is what
I see here on the list, and so far I'm under-impressed.  I appreciate the
fact that you have to make an extra effort to participate, but it seems like
you have a lot of gripes about how things are going.  If I was a baronial
officer, and I was getting constant emails from someone, and they were
growing to be a larger pain in the neck over time, I might start
"accidentally" deleting them too.  I won't speak for Thomas, since he has
been (to my experience) a very professional baronial seneschal.  I'm
guessing he's not going out of his way to dodge you, but he may also be in a
position where he can't easily reply to your messages.  As a start, the man
works in the field of meteorology, so inclement weather may be a busy time
for him regardless of what else is going on. 

I certainly don't want to infringe upon anyone's desire to sit around and
bitch.  I do it, all the time.  Just be aware that bitching on a mailing
list like this, "official" or not, is likely a form of mental masturbation.
I wouldn't count on the world to change because of it. 

Care, Bubba

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