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Brad Stanley vortmax at cox.net
Sat Feb 25 17:08:21 PST 2006


I received a call from Tracy at Unitarian Fellowship.  The rate is  
$25/hour for use of the sanctuary, $50/hour for use of the entire  

I have also received a call from Lady Danielle.  She says we may  
qualify as a "class 2" organization which would allow us to use  
Norman Public School facilities free of charge.  She has feelers out  
at a couple of schools and I'll be swinging by the NPS main offices  
on Monday providing I can get time off from work during my lunch  
break.  The only bad news is all reservations have to be done 15 days  
in advance, so it will not help us out with our next meeting this  
coming Wednesday.

On Feb 22, 2006, at 9:17 PM, Susan Adkins wrote:

> Is there any reason the Barony can't afford the pavilion at  
> Andrew's park?
> Approx 50$ a meeting or 100$ a month for approximately four months  
> which (not including deposit) would be 400$
> The Barony does have a rather large amount of money in the account  
> currently plus the additional income of an upcoming auction of  
> tables, tents, etc EVEN with an event in the near future

True, the Barony has money.  Unfortunately, it's still money going  
out with little return (e.g. there was no hat pass last meeting, and  
the take from the prior hat pass was only $21.04).  Yes we're about  
to bring in some money on some tables, but that  money has also  
recently been spent on the acquisition of new tables, so all we're  
doing is recovering some of that expenditure.  Yes, the tents should  
bring in some money, but that is still in the future and the amount  
of possible profit is still uncertain.

Frankly, the Barony got spoiled meeting for free at Buzz's where  
nobody was required to purchase food, and we were welcome by the  
owners of the establishment.  I will be calling them before the next  
populace to see if they might open in the near future.

> Med Faire is the big recruiment time. Newbies more than likely  
> aren't going to want to play the "where's Populace being held" game
> I don't really want to play that game esp since the location of  
> populace was announced the day of populas meeting.

If the Barony is not opposed to spending $80/month for a stable  
meeting place, then we can continue to meet at Andrew's park.

The procedure for reserving Andrews is an individual (namely myself  
of late) either calls or goes to the City of Norman Parks and  
Recreation office and uses their personal funds ($40 reservation fee  
+ $50 refundable deposit) to reserve the space.  The individual then  
has to obtain a receipt for the rental and fill out a reimbursement  
form to the Barony.  The members of the financial committee then have  
to approve the reimbursement and write the check.  Since I have been  
doing this of late, I cannot sign the Baronial check myself and have  
to await two other signatures, which at times has been on the order  
of several weeks.

That being said, I will inquire with the City of Norman about  
reserving the indoor facility for several dates in advance.  If they  
will allow that, then I will do so with approval from the Financial  

*Personal note*
I work full-time (lately more than that) as a Scientific Programmer  
at the Oklahoma Climatological Survey.  I deal with computers all  
day, so in most cases the last thing I want to do when I get home is  
sit down in front of another computer.  This doesn't mean I don't  
want to be in front of a computer at home, just that every person has  
their limits, so to speak.  I do try to make time to do my Baronial  
duties (sometimes *during* work, as necessary), and yes, sometimes I  
don't get back to people in the timeframe they desire.  But I do try  
to answer any communication directed towards the office of the  
Seneschal as soon as possible.  Personal communication directed at me  
outside the duties of the Seneschal get put on a different "to-do"  
list, which I admit sometimes gets pushed aside for other personal  
reasons.  If I have offended anyone by not responding to them, then I  
apologize, and please let me know at either this address (put  
"Seneschal: (topic)" in the header to bring it to my attention) or by  
phone (816-3876) and I'll try to answer your questions to the best of  
my ability.

Lord Thomas of Weathshear
Seneschal Namron
(m.k.a Brad Stanley)

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