[Namron] Meeting places

Annais de Montgomerie maleahladywait at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 25 18:48:23 PST 2006

So, at this point, the Unitarian church is just as
expensive as Andrew's Park, right?

So why don't we just keep the meetings at Andrew's
Park.  Everyone knows where it is.  We won't be
confusing the folks of Namron (and elsewhere) with the

That is, of course, if we are unable to acquire a
meeting place for less money or free.


--- Brad Stanley <vortmax at cox.net> wrote:

> Update:
> I received a call from Tracy at Unitarian
> Fellowship.  The rate is  
> $25/hour for use of the sanctuary, $50/hour for use
> of the entire  
> building.
> I have also received a call from Lady Danielle.  She
> says we may  
> qualify as a "class 2" organization which would
> allow us to use  
> Norman Public School facilities free of charge.  She
> has feelers out  
> at a couple of schools and I'll be swinging by the
> NPS main offices  
> on Monday providing I can get time off from work
> during my lunch  
> break.  The only bad news is all reservations have
> to be done 15 days  
> in advance, so it will not help us out with our next
> meeting this  
> coming Wednesday.



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