[Namron] Official or not (it's merely pining for the fjords)

Duncan MacNamara sca_macnamara at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 26 13:15:11 PST 2006

Except for the fact that sometimes email delivery is delayed. Sometimes, I don't get notices of changes via email until well after the meeting time. Course, I don't have the gas money to attend Namron's meetings, but the same situation occours elsewhere.
  That's one reason that email is not considered an "official" means of communication. Not everyone checks their email every day, and some email servers delay delivery, and sometimes email gets lost to the mists of cyberspace.
  When you talk to someone on a phone, you know the message was recieved. That's why I ask for email *and* phone information for my contact sheets, even though my group is just a household/guild type... That way, there are two forms of contact you can pursue.

  Admiral Lord Duncan MacNamara
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  A simple e-mail the morning of the meeting would be enough to inform people on the list.  and it should be easy enough to guess with reletive accuracy as to weather condition by end of day.  especailly given that the Senechal is a meteorologist.  
  communication concerning none weather/meeting place information and/or question I am out of ideas.  obviously my attemps are not successful, so I must be doing it wrong.
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