[Namron] Official or not (it's merely pining for the fjords)

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I do try to let them know when thier time is appreciated.  Not like I am
only a complainer.  I do thank people for trying to help me, even if they
aren't able to give me the answers I want. 

And I am not trying to be mean or Nasty here.  just trying to let them
know, that I am not getting the word that I need to plan my time.

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  Okay Grimmy  - Can I borrow your soap box a little ... thanks.. I
  know I cut up on the list. I play the devils advocate once in a
  while. But having been in the situation of most of these officers
  there is one fact we all seem to forget. This is a VOLUNTEER
  organization. And as such since this is not a paid position, we need
  to remember these people have lives other then being there for us.
  Just because we (okay some of us lol) pay our membership to the SCA
  inc. doesn't mean these people are available to us 24/7, 365. Most
  officers never hear in the term they are in office the simple
  phrase... "thank you." or " you are doing such a good job" most of
  the time they are smeared (and not in chocolate), back stabbed,
  dumped on, and in tern they burnout and never want to take a position
  again. (OH man that sounds familiar) I have even seen some drop
  completely out of the hobby of ours because of the stress the rest of
  us seem to cause. So Rome wasn't built in! a day. The next time you
  see your Local baronial officer, pat them on the back, hand them a
  brew, a cookie, a sandwich, (get the hint) and let them know how much
  you appreciate them. You will be more remembered for that then the
  griping you do today, and you might get somewhere when you ask for
  something. Here Grimmy - have your soap box back - Ldy Susannah

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