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Sun Feb 26 15:34:13 PST 2006

Thank you.  I do appreciate your efforts. helps me plan my time.

I can't speak for anyone else.  But when the hat is passed I do my best to put in at least a couple of dollars.  Only once did I not, and all I had that night was a $100 bill.

I would rather have to pay a few dollars every month for Andrews Park, then $10 to Denny's for so-so food.
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> Update:
> I received a call from Tracy at Unitarian Fellowship.  The rate is  
> $25/hour for use of the sanctuary, $50/hour for use of the entire  
> building.
> I have also received a call from Lady Danielle.  She says we may  
> qualify as a "class 2" organization which would allow us to use  
> Norman Public School facilities free of charge.  She has feelers 
> out  at a couple of schools and I'll be swinging by the NPS main 
> offices  on Monday providing I can get time off from work during my 
> lunch  break.  The only bad news is all reservations have to be 
> done 15 days  in advance, so it will not help us out with our next 
> meeting this  coming Wednesday.

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