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I believe that one of the problems with the student group sponsoring our
meetings is parking.  They could get us a room, most likely, but as far
as I know, there is little to no free parking on campus, and what there
is near campus is used by students attending classes.

As I am the one working for OG&E, I can check, but with the terrorism
fears the last few years, they don't like having non-employees on
company premises for long periods of time.  I believe we had a place in
Norman at one time that could be used, but we have consolidated offices
and gotten rid of several properties the last few years. Most of the
property we have in Norman now is warehouse type places, not offices. At
one time OEC had a space that could be used, also, but I don't remember
what the charge was, or if they still have it.  I will try to check into
that also. 


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As one who does a lot of large event organizing and setting up programs
and such in my mundane life, I know how recieving too many suggestions
can sometimes make one feel quite frustrated and weary.  So, I
appologize in advance if this suggestion does so, OR if this suggestion
has been made and I wasn't paying attention...but here I go anyways...

As we have a STUDENTS for Creative Annacronism group at OU, couldn't one
of the students or their sponsor get us a room or some space at OU?  

As to the idea with the school, if we don't ask for a large important
room, like the cafeteria or the audiorium, would we get a better result
dealing with a school where one of our members is a
teacher/administrator/janitor/side kick/whatever or one of our kids is a

Also, I know one of our members works at OG&E...perhaps they'd have
somewhere we could meet?

Also, is there any way that a company or organization that allows us to
meet could be referred in our printed materials and/or website as a
"Sponsor" or "Benefactor".  That would give them a little advertising
for allowing us to use their area?

Hope I haven't been too much of a pest.

In service, 

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> On Feb 25, 2006, at 8:48 PM, Annais de Montgomerie
> wrote:
> > So, at this point, the Unitarian church is just as expensive as 
> > Andrew's Park, right?
> Since my last message, I have been contacted by a member of the 
> Unitarian Fellowship who is in discussions with
> Tracy there.   
> Apparently the cost is "negotiable."  I will keep everyone informed 
> when more information comes in.
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