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As an Animal Shelter intern, would you be interested
in perhaps doing a program for grade school kids about
taking care of animals and stuff?  Our summer reading
program is about animals this year and I'm trying to
get creative with programming.


--- Sandy mensik <ladyelfseeker at yahoo.com> wrote:

> At OKC animal Shelter where i am interning they are
> having Black Beauty Day on Sat 25,We are having
> Black Beauty Day.For  $25 you can adoopt any black
> dog.This covers shots,fixing,the whole works.Any dog
> or puppy can be preadopted as well.
>    Also if you have any sheets,old blankets,towells
> ........we will gladly accept donations for bedding
> for the waqrm and fuzzies.
>    We have some great animals down at the
> facility.Even 2 female gerbils for $2 each.We also
> have some horses,goats,a cow and a pig that adopt at
> current market prices.
>    We do not put down an adoptable animal.Only the
> viscious or the ones deemed illegal to have.Do not
> let any pit breeds go to the shelter.they will be
> put down per the new law.
>   Cassie
> Remember,Cats are little women in fur coats..
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