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In all fairness.  You have done your share of complaining when people try
to help. 

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  On Feb 27, 2006, at 12:37 PM, Grimmie wrote:

    We started using the VFW in McAlester and they were nice and let
    us have it free.Grimmie

  To Grimmie-
  Could you please follow up and see if this is a viable option for us?
  To the list-
  I have tried to sit on my hands and say nothing as this thread
  continues but alas, I cannot. I wish people would keep in mind that
  this is a volunteer organization. You get back what you invest. Is it
  too much to ask that people put a little effort and do a little
  investigation on their suggestions? I'm getting rather exasperated
  with those who make suggestions (that may or may not work), then
  expect others to run ragged trying to do the actual foot work. THEN
  these people complain that their suggestions are not being handled
  well. There's an old saying "If you want something done right. do it
  We were spoiled rotton by Buzz. (which we did buy food... but that's
  another issue) Until they re-open, if they reopen, we have to deal
  with finding a place to meet. Yes, we have uncertain about the place
  we are meeting at present (although it has been at the same place for
  a few months now). That is because no matter where we think about
  meeting there is always those who complain that is it not what they
  think is ideal. (Have any of the complainers actually tried to help
  to find a place? - and I mean do some of the footwork- not just talk)
  Oh, and for clarification- Thomas penciled us in a Denny's as an
  option (in case there were objections to paying $40 to meet at
  Andrews. If he had waited then that option would have been taken by
  another group and there aren't that many free meeting places in
  Norman) We need to decide what we can live with. (no solution is
  going to be perfect)
  What I am curious about is: Has anyone actually contacted our
  Seneschal directly or one on one to lodge complaints on how this
  problem is being handled? Or is it easier to go straight to the
  internet list to safely grandstand? Thomas does have a cell with lots
  of minutes and free long distance.  Call him. (If you can't afford
  the long distance, place a short call then he will call you back on
  his phone. A minute of long distance is not THAT expensive)
  As for the dead horse issue of the populas that was cancelled because
  of weather that some keep harping on, I want to say this: Thomas did
  apologize for getting the information out late but the weather did
  deteriorate quickly I was out in it with a 4WD SUV and it was
  dangerous. I grew up in the north and know how to drive on ice and
  snow (and BTW Thomas is a degreed  Meteorologist and therefor maybe
  able to make some weather decisions.) Oh and Pooky, who is an officer
  and gotta love him WAS there out in the freeze, letting people know.
  Could we please let that horse die? Oh BTW,  that day Thomas was also
  having to deal with a very stressed and worried wife who was
  concerned because one of her close friends was having a angiogram
  (and possible open heart surgery) that day. Seneschals have real life
  stresses too. 
  Yes I am biased. I have watched my husband working his tail off for
  this Barony and worry himself sick over it's welfare. I, for one am
  getting rather tired of the  "Armchair seneschals, armchair
  baron/esses and armchair .... (pick the office or job of your
  choice).  I am getting tired of people making all sorts of
  suggestions (some of them are good and need to be followed up on)
  then disappearing into a black hole only to emerge months later to
  complain that their suggestions aren't being utilized to their
  satisfaction. (I have always found it amazing how many people hold
  others to standards that they themselves cannot maintain) Deeds are
  needed more then words. 
  The commitment to being a officer/landed is large.  Please keep in
  mind that these people are our friends and loved ones.  They are real
  people who do try to do their best  and ARE HUMAN. I know this easy
  to forget when you are sitting behind a computer. They are NOT
  a convenient whipping boy/girl or other target  when they fall short
  of unreasonable expectations or when others are just having a bad
  day. If you don't like they way something is going why not contact
  that person directly and offer to help share the load?
  We make the Barony what it is. It can either be a group of people
  working together or a group of whiners, complainers. I, for one, much
  prefer the first option.

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  working on a weak mind produces every sort of mischief"-Jane Austen***************************************************mooharpist at cox.net

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