[Namron] @ Radei and sure everyone else too

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Mon Feb 27 17:44:13 PST 2006


I do thank you for the offer.  suprising how many offers I have gotten for just that service.  I appreciate them all.  I have already said yes to one.  so would be redundant to have everyone call<g>.  

Won't be at this meeting.  I spent this weeks gas money on Canvas, got a really good buy<g>.

See you at the 21 march meeting.

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> understood.  but most of Namron is area code 405, I am in area code 580.
> I do not expect anyone to pay for a long distance call to keep me posted,
> and I can not afford to make a long distance call to keep posted.
> *Radei MY Brother in THE~DREAM,
> I promise it won't cost ME anything and I value your participation. 
>   I would have no qualms about calling you and letting you know 
> what I know ( about what's happening ) ;^)
> MY # is 405-206-1227. Gimmie a call or email ME privately with your 
> # if you would be willing to permit ME to keep you up to date on 
> the whats and wheres I here about.
> Love You Brother,
> Pookazoid
> P.s. Can't promise you I find out about everything but MY paw is on the pulse.
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