[Namron] Whelping ~ The Long oad

Grimmie ldgrimhun at cox.net
Tue Feb 28 13:17:03 PST 2006

I gave up many years ago trying to get in Wolfstar. I am now to old and long 
of fang to be a Whelp. I will suffice as being a friend of the Wolfies.
Grinning Grimmie

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>A whelp is someone who wishes to join House Wolfstar and in under the 
>supervision of a member, a welt is something you get from a whip when you 
>don't know how to handle it.
> *Good Sister Gwenyth,
> How many years did you have to suffer the termoil of a whelp's life before 
> you were included into Wolfstar as a member?
> 6 was it?
> Was Uria your Star?
> Pook
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