[Namron] Web site changes

Namron VScribe namron_vscribe at ansteorra.org
Mon Apr 2 17:06:27 PDT 2007

My lovely wife just pointed out a problem some of you may experience when
trying to access the Namron website.  Your browser may have the older
version in its cache.  If you accessed the site in the past couple of days
and only saw part of a menu and a "page not found", this is what happened.

To get around it, try hitting the Refresh button on your browser.  Or for
Firefox or Internet Explorer you can hold down the "Control" button and
hit the letter "R" (for refresh).

Again, please let me know of any problems with the site or any corrections
(additions, deletions, spelling, etc.) to the members list.


Thank you.

Baron Ulf
Namron VScribe

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