[Namron] Web site changes

Ulf Gunnarsson ulfie at cox.net
Mon Apr 2 20:18:48 PDT 2007

 Lady Genevria wrote:
> What if we included a brief description of the duties associated with
> each office on the officer's page?  maybe even a photo of the officer
> so a new comer can easily identify who they need in a crowd?

The photo is there, but it is not identifying itself as a photo in text
mode, so all you are getting is the name of the officer twice, then
their office, then their name again.  I shall have to change that so it
makes sense.

As for a short description... not a bad idea.  Does anyone have a source
for short office descriptions?  I understand that no office can truly be
described in a short description, but maybe someone has run across a
nice "30,000 foot altitude" description of S.C.A. offices?


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