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Unto the Generous Populace of the Northern Region,
            Oh! How lucky the Kingdom of Ansteorra is to have such wonderful people supporting and living the dream within its Northern Confines! 
            I would like to thank everyone that came out to Normans Medieval Fair and helped.  Just by being there, you may have lit the spark in the heart of a future King or Queen. Everyone who attended was an artisan, a hospitaler, a living reenactment of a time that so many people are intrigued about. 
            There were so many people that helped walk the ropes and sit in the A and S tent that I know that I will forget some.  I would like to thank some of them now. 
For walking the ropes:
            Kyna (Kylie), Angelique, Fox, Earl Daffyd, Sir Jean Paul, Fenton (I believe was his name), His Excellency Ian of Northkeep, and Ailleanorr.
For Sitting in the A and S tent 
            Ayesha and Terric, Annabelle, Aongus, Ciaus, Contessa Vanessa, Aislynne and Bear, Abduhl, Gwyenth, Shanna, Nyx, Sakami, Barat, Krista, and Fayidda.
Special Thanks to Christian Truelove for all the help Marshalling, and to Sir Owen, for playing to the crowd.
Thanks to Malakai for the examples of the wordworking that he was doing in his tent. 
Thanks to Susan, who sat in the A and S tent, who demonstrated the spinning of the wool, and the naalbinding, and for waterbearing, which was muchly needed!
I would also like to thank the man who was doing some Chainmail in the A and S tent.  I never did catch his name, but my thanks are sent to him, whomever he is. 
I want to also thank all those that I have not named. I know that there was much more that was being done by so many, and these are just those that my tired mind can remember at this time.  
the tired and the grateful,
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