[Namron] Web site changes

Marion Makkingze johnsonds at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 4 07:54:17 PDT 2007

Greetings, take a quick look at the officers page of the Wiesenfeuer Web
site, we have short descriptions of each job there.  These may be helpful to
Lady Marion Makkingze
Wiesenfeuer Baronial Reeve
johnsonds at earthlink.net

>I think I understand what Genevria is asking for. It is not for an sca
>notation of the job but a notation of the job that a new comer would
>understand/correlate to the modern world in less that 5 words or so.
>Exchequer: The Treasurer of our organization.
>Seneschal: The President of our organization.
>Herald: The Secretary of our organization.
>You get the picture. :)

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