[Namron] Court Dancing Class Scheduled!!

Jacqueline Reynolds jacqueline_reynolds at cox.net
Thu Apr 5 00:39:57 PDT 2007

I am also interested.  Please sign me up as well.


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I and MY niece plan to attend and attempt to learn court dancing.

I will be happy to donate to anyone patient enough to teach ME something...


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>I have found in the past that it is often a good practice to take up a 
>collection for gas money for a traveling teacher, :-)
>   ...'Stacia
>Siren Song <sirensong13 at yahoo.com> wrote:
>   Our teacher on the 27th will be coming in from Stillwater. At the price 
>of gas I dout she will make many trips to Shawnee but the goal is to get 
>some of us good enough in Shawnee to be able to keep practicing and 
>expanding. Perhaps Adena will be able to help us with that in the future.
>Monica Ball <mrsjacq at gmail.com> wrote:   will it be a series of classes? I 
>will be heading to Bordermarch that weekend and will probably miss it.
>Love is the answer.
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