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I am sure your student will be well met!


On 4/9/07, Dan Corley <okiewriter at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Lord Orlando;
> Een though I but be at thine great barony for the week's seventh day only,
> I do look forward to clashing steel with thee and others and look forward to
> my best student showing what she can do with a rapier and I can only hope
> that thy guards will not be too offended if run through, by my good lady
> student who is now better than the teacher.
> Ld. Cormac, Rapier Marshal of the great Canton of Shorragard and Irishman
> who just loves to fight
> *Okiewiter*
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> Subject: *[Namron] Rapier at Wiesenfeuer Baronial*
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> Wiesenfeuer's Baronial event will be held from April 20 through April 22.
> You will find more information here:
> http://wiesenfeuer.ansteorra.org/baronial.pdf
> This year's rapier activities should prove to be great fun for our rapier
> fighters and excellent entertainment for the populace!
> Here is the current line-up:
> *Friday Evening:* On Friday evening we will hold a *"Lantern Tourney"*.
> Each combatant will have to carry a Lantern in his or her off hand while
> defending/attacking!
> *Saturday Morning:* Saturday's main venue will be the *Wiesenfeuer
> Champion's Tournament*. With blessing of the previous year's champion the
> tournament will be held "Meat Grinder" style with multiple fields and each
> win being worth a single point. In addition to the single point fields we
> will run a ladies' field with refreshments and entertainment for the ladies.
> Points will be awarded by the ladies of the field! At the end of the day the
> combatant with the most points will be declared Baronial Champion!
> *Saturday Afternoon:* After the champion's list we will hold a *tavern
> brawl*. Lord Miles Grey has donated a decorative rapier to be given to the
> winner of the tavern brawl. The brawl will be played out in 3 "acts". First,
> a 3 resurrection free-for-all. Second, a "steal the turkey" match (the
> winner will be the one to get away with the turkey!). Finally, a defeat the
> cardinal's guards match. The combatant who exit's the Tavern First (while
> avoiding or defeating the Cardinal's Guards) wins the point.
> I look forward to crossing blades with many of the Kingdom's best this
> year!
> Lord Orlando Di' Gilead
> (Wiesenfeuer Rapier Marshall)
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