[Namron] Newby-Type Dumb Question about Names

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Many thanks, my baroness.  You have enlightened your humble newb.  I shall 
contemplate this, the first mystery of Namron.

of the etc.
of the Third Rock from the Sun
of the etc.

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>David, I knew I liked you.  Since we know where you are, does that mean we
>cannot know how fast you are going?
>To quote the ancient text of the Book of the History of Namron, also known
>as the Gospel of Finnacan (though added to later by others, and various
>sects such as the People's Front for the Liberation of Spangs, not to be
>confused with the Spang Liberation Front who has an entirely different 
>whoo boy, don't confuse them, still hold the first 20 "Years" to be the 
>"true" gospel, though at least 4 years after were proven to have been
>written by the Original Finnacan, while other groups believe they are
>touched by the Finnacan spirit and have added chapters since.  All groups
>agree that the 25th Chapter  is controversial):
>"And many did gather in the month of April, and their names were called
>Gwyneth, Korwyn, Dara, Irene, Rhiannon, Ian, and many others unnamed here.
>And with Sir Koris Natterhelm did they meet, and began they together an
>incipient shire where they abide. And then did they revel. Then did Sir
>Koris speak the mundane name of the shire from last letter to the first, 
>the people did rejoice saying, "This shall be the name of the shire and it
>shall be called Namron!" (For they too were drunk) and this is called the
>first Mystery."
>You can find this and more of the History of Namron on our newly fully
>accessible website!:  
>No, seriously, check it out.
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