[Namron] Newby-Type Dumb Question about Names

Marion Makkingze johnsonds at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 11 10:15:23 PDT 2007

In Wiesenfeuer the equivalent to Torsads and Storms are Flint & Steels and
Lantenarious.  A Flaming Weasel is an award for putting your foot in your
mouth in a very public way.  Only 4 have been awarded so far.
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  Hey Samarrah,
  In this Barony we call those awards Torsads and Storms.

  Samarrah bint Annaan <samarrah_bint_annaan at yahoo.com> wrote:
    Oh, gosh...I love that!  Man, WE need an award like
that...lol....(although I'm sure, knowing my luck, I'd probably end up with
more than one flaming weasel to my credit before it's all said and done)
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