[Namron] Food Competition and Volunteer Raffle at Beltane

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> Greetings! Owen and I would like to annnounce that
> there will be a Food Competition at the rapidly
> approaching Namron Beltane Games...:-)
>   The competition will be run in conjunction with
> the Baronial Tavern. Bring any item that may be
> devided into portions and sold ale cart through the
> tavern. Item with the highest per portion cash
> intake, including tips, will win a prise! All
> entrants will recieve tickets for the Volunteer
> Raffle, Proceeds go Namron via the Tavern...Thanks! 
>   There will be a volunteer raffle! Tickets will be
> issued for any number of things, examples: sitting
> gate, helping set up and or tear down, helping with
> a game, helping with the quest, donating items for
> goodie baskets and or the volunteer raffle,
> collecting the trash from the privs and shower
> house, seeing that toilet tissue is stocked, washing
> dishes, minding the volunteer table, donations of
> items to the tavern other than the Food Competion
> (email us first), maintaining the neatness of the
> hall, running errands, etc...Thanks!   'Stacia,
> Co-Steward  :-)
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