[Namron] Food Competition and Volunteer Raffle at Beltane

Jennifer fairefolk at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 18 23:03:32 PDT 2007

I LOVE YOU, 'Stacia!!!!!
Now I have to get my fanny down to Norman fast...or
"Sister!!!!" Found Orlando's rubber chicken...lol.
The very happy Lucrezia...I knew someone would know
where to find one...di Gilead.
P.S. Too bad about the frog legs though...guess I will
have to go down there and try them...lol...are you
sure there isn't a Mediterranean dish that uses 
frogs Genevria???? I don't think the chicken is for
cooking...is it Orlando???

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> Mairin went that way many years ago and they just
> weren't that hoppening as I remember, there were
> still some on the plate when we cleaned up Sunday...
>  I believe one of the asian markets in OKC carries
> them, :-)...
>   As for Rubber Chicken, they had them a week or two
> back at the novelty store next to Tarl's Pizza
> Shuttle on Alameda Street here in Norman...'Stacia  
> ;-)
> Jennifer <fairefolk at yahoo.com> wrote:
>   WHAT! No best use of Frog legs??? 
> Sigh,
> Lady Lucrezia di Gilead...who really needs a rubber
> chicken...lol

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