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On Mon, Apr 23, 2007 at 10:05:12AM -0700, Samarrah bint Annaan wrote:
> Friends, 
> I have a library patron, Pauline Rodke, who used to play in the
> Dallas area years ago. She had read a book back then that was a
> Diary of a man's journey from London to Paris during the middle
> ages. It was written during that time, NOT a novel or story as IF it
> were written then. She said the book gave great detail of what life
> was like at the time and was a great resource of information.
> Also has to do with the Gate of St. Denis of Paris. (northern gate
> of Paris at the time)
> She can neither remember author or title. Nor can she remember date
> of story. If anyone has any inkling of a suggestion, it would be of
> great help!
> Thanks.

Suggestions from the SCA-Laurels list: 

1: ===========================================

That sounds like it might be _Daily Living in the Twelfth Century     
Based on the Observations of Alexander Neckham_ in London and Paris,  
by Urban Tigner Jones, Jr. My copy is U. Wisconsin Press 1970, but    
Amazon has a number of different editions listed.                     

2: ===========================================

Possibly the Chronicles of Matthew Paris?

3: ===========================================

That _sounds_ like it might be Alexander Neckam. I recall that some of
the everyday detail material in Charles Haskins' "Daily Life in the
12th Century" is drawn from his writings. (Alas, my copy of Haskins
was lent out years ago to a fellow SCA member who neglected to return
it before leaving the kingdom.)

4: ===========================================

Daily living in the twelfth century,: Based on the observations of    
Alexander Neckham in London and Paris by Urban Tigner (I kept seeing  
this as Urban Tiger and was imagining an action figure hero.          

Bookfinder.com has a large number listed at various sellers from $5 - 
$44 (paperback/hardback).                                             


Three out of four recollect Neck[h]am. The fourth asks about that
waspish monk, Matthew Paris. 

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