[Namron] Songs of Namron?

Samarrah bint Annaan samarrah_bint_annaan at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 24 12:15:04 PDT 2007

Ok, Pook. I'll get to running....

Oh yeah, oh yeah, draw forth and pay heed!

In the interest of preserving the great oral and bardic history and tradition of our fair Namron I, Lady Samarrah of the Lower Lands of Namron, will be henceforth and hereby collecting any and all bardic/poetic/filkish songs relating to or being created by the people of NAMRON!

At this time I am unable to recieve sound file electronically, however, if you've got something to share, burn a disc and send it my way.  I'll be cataloging the sound files and organizing the lyric/music/and story/poem files.

Once the project is complete, the results will be presented to our Beloved Baron and Baroness for further instructions as to the potential uses and missuses in the future glorification of our homeland.

So, e-mail whatcha got or get a disc to me at pop or something....

Lady Samarah Basimah Latifa al Dhakira bint Anaan bint Mellilah
(The lately self-appointed librarian of lore for the Barony of Namron) 
God be with you in every pass. Jesus be with you on every hill. Spirit be with you in every stream, headland, ridge and law, each sea and land, each moor and meadow, lying down and rising up,in the trough of the waves or on the crest of the billow. Each step of the journey you go, go with God.

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Well sure, help is ALWAYS good.

I just don't want any of the oral history of Namron, Ansteorra, or this 
Society lost to the raveges of time.

If a bard leaves us for whatever reason, all that history and glories s)he 
witnessed could be forever gone as well.

I have got so much happening in the SCA right now the best I could do is 
bang a drum, clang a gong, and ring a bell as I am doing now and save the 
e-scripts people send me to a designated file.

If anyone would be interested in running with this idea feel free to do what 
ya can. I am crazy busy with projects, and duties. The time constraints wont 
permit me to .... long pause there. Much of anything not already schedualed 
for the next 4 weeks.

I am sure an upcomming post from someone will direct our attention to copy 
write such and such. Formal releases and whosey whatsets so lets from the 
get go be mindful of them tharrr concerns from the get go.

More from the Mind of Pooknolta later,
Thanx everyone,

>From: Samarrah bint Annaan <samarrah_bint_annaan at yahoo.com>
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>To: Barony of Namron Mailing List <namron at ansteorra.org>
>Subject: Re: [Namron] Songs of Namron?
>Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2007 11:08:05 -0700 (PDT)
>Would you like assistance? Perhaps one of us could collect Namron songs, 
>another favorite ballads, another collect filks, another war songs, and on 
>and on.....
>Lady Samarah Basimah Latifa al Dhakira bint Anaan bint Mellilah

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