[Namron] Songs of Namron?

Samarrah bint Annaan samarrah_bint_annaan at yahoo.com
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Oooohhhh Thank you!  That definately sound like one I need to get!

Right now I have music by June Tabor, Aisling Drury-Byrne, Alasdair Fraser, 
The Chieftens, and a few others.  So I'm always on the lookout for new tracks.  Thanks for the tip!
Lady Samarah Basimah Latifa al Dhakira bint Anaan bint Mellilah 
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Quoting Samarrah bint Annaan <samarrah_bint_annaan at yahoo.com>:
> One thing I'm doing is trying to collect folk and world music to find
> traditional songs as well as trying to learn original SCA music.  Since I
> live a bit further away than most of the Namronions I don't get up to the
> bardic circles as much as I'd like.


You might enjoy - if you can find a copy - the old Joan Baez 'Lovesongs' album. 
I don't know if it's on DVD or not, honestly.  On it, she sings a number of old 
traditional english ballads, and some old american folk ballads. It's really 
nice, and I've heard some of the songs performed in bardic circles.

- Zubeydah

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