[Namron] Beltane Gate Shifts

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Yes, but he is going to be the queen's runner for that weekend also, so I
told him that he probably couldn't do both.  It's more important for him to
be with the Queen that weekend.






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I've forwarded it on to Skorragardr and Kuhniegen.  Has Grim of Skorragardr
contacted you yet regarding taking a troll shift?  I know he's very
interested in being helpful.

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I still have shifts to fill for troll at Beltane.  If you are interested,
then please e-mail me about which time frame would be good for you.  I have
openings in the following time slots as of 4/25/07 @ 5:30 pm:


One slot Friday, 4 - 6 pm 


One slot Friday, 8 - 10 pm


Two slots Saturday, 2 - 4 am


Two slots Saturday, 4 - 6 am


One slot Saturday, 6 - 8 am


One slot Saturday, 8 - 10 am


One slot Saturday, 10 am - 12 noon


If you can and want to help with gate at Beltane, then please e-mail me &
let me know.  Thank you!  If someone would also forward this message on to
Wiesenfeuer, Kuhniegen, Skorragardr and Mooneschadowe, I would appreciate it
very much. 



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