[Namron] Beltane?

zubeydah at northkeep.org zubeydah at northkeep.org
Fri Apr 27 07:33:52 PDT 2007

Quoting Samarrah bint Annaan <samarrah_bint_annaan at yahoo.com>:

> Wow!  Your site is so cool!  You've really put some great effort into that! 
> I'm impressed with the maps and everything.  You're so organized you could be
> a librarian....You're like my hero now....LOL
> Lady Samarah Basimah Latifa al Dhakira bint Anaan bint Mellilah 

*blush* *grin* Thank you.  THe organization thing, though, is a complete 
illusion. I'm hideously unorganized. :)

The site was really just barely getting started, and I sort of lost momentum on 
it. But I would like to keep chipping away at having better directions, 
speaking as someone who gets lost on a regular basis. More practical directions 
(Look for X landmark, if you reach Street W, you've gone too far, watch out for 
such and such speed trap) is another goal for the site.

I'd also love to add information on each site from an accessibility standpoint -
 what about it works for those with disabilities, and what do those with 
special needs need to be aware of, when visiting the site.

Namron itself has an amazing maps archive on their website. Its been a huge 
help to me on more than one occaision. Barat did an amazing job with it.


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