[Namron] Public Minister of Children's Report for The Loving Barony of Namron

Lord Pooky lord_pooky at hotmail.com
Sat Apr 28 16:29:44 PDT 2007

All my Love unto the Barony of Namron from your Minister of Children,

" Hi Everybody! " It is a fine day when a plan comes together, or at least 
gets out there. When truths are discerned to be self evident, it will be 
even better.
Ansteorra is talking about what should be done to make things safer for 
children.  The finer details of which actions should be taken are being 
addressed. Hopefully soon we will be guided towards new guidelines that'll 
give Parents and legal guardians ideas and ways to make sure the safety of 
their children can better be maintained. (write me privately for preliminary 

We have the Great Grape War Demo coming up soon and I sure could use more 
people to help with and bring more activities that'll interest the kids both 
mundane and in Society. 3000 people / 150 children are expected. Free 
camping and a whole lot of fun and amenities. " If you show them THE~DREAM, 
they will play." This'll be huge and exciting and could quickly turn into a 
great benefit for the Northern Region!

Oh hey yeah how 'bout Beltane! The Event of Games! Plenty to do! All your 
old favorites and "The Hurling of Pooky's Spawn" (For distance, accuracy, 
and lack of grace upon landing)! In my humble pooky opinion Beltane is the 
most family friendly event in Ansteorra!

On a personal note I will be opening the office of Minister of Children up 
to a successor. Some interest has been displayed to me by others who would 
be interested in trying there hand (and unlimited patience) in the 
fulfillment of the office of Minister of Children. Far be it from me to 
stand in the way of those with THE~DREAM. I will continue consultations with 
Our Beloved Baron and Baroness as to the procedures involved and 
methodologies for the transition.

It has been, as you could probably tell, the best part of my SCA experience 
of 30 years to date. Thank you all for the love you have shown, the immense 
support you have given, the trust you were willing to instill, and THE~DREAM 
you created for me. It has been a Pooka~Sized Honor and Privilege to serve 
as the Loving Barony of Namron's Minster of Children.

>From the Tao of Pooh-ka ~ "It CAN be as you would will it." , "Have a 
thought push a pebble." , and "May your brood never doubt their worth."
In service to those smaller then I (So long and thanks for all the fish. 
Bubba!!! signal the mother ship!),
Lord Pukhta "Pooky" Lovvek ~ Minister of Children for The Big Beautiful 
Barony of Namron

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