[Namron] wool available for fiber artisians.....

Jen Massey knightsmount at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 30 19:31:19 PDT 2007

We have three Olde World Babydoll Southdown sheep which we will be shearing in a week or so.  If anyone is interested in the wool for practice, hand-spinning etc, please contact me.
Free for the taking, no promises...These are miniature sheep so the fleeces will be small..and I'm a beginner shearer...
Also have some sheep with mixed hair and wool which we will shear as well. I don't know what the wool/fleece will be like, but it looks interesting....and the price is right....
I'll even ship to someone for shipping cost plus packaging..
Kind regards,

Jen Massey
knightsmount at earthlink.net
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