[Namron] Gulf War Fundraising at wInterKingdom

zubeydah at northkeep.org zubeydah at northkeep.org
Mon Dec 3 09:51:02 PST 2007

Several months ago, I was honored to be asked to run a sweets shop at Winter 
War Maneuvers as part of the Northern Tribute to Ansteorra. It occurred to me, 
however, that limiting sales of sweets to just one event wasn't taking full 
advantage of the opportunity. 

With the gracious consent of Their Excellencies of Wiesenfeuer, I brought a few 
items to Yule last weekend, and was very grateful to be able to sell the three 
pans I brought, raising $80.00.

I have obtained the consent of the autocrat and Their Excellencies of Northkeep 
to do the same, this coming Saturday, at wInterKingdom. 

What it's For:  The Ladies of the Rose activities at Gulf War

What I'm selling:  9x9 pans of fudge (various types), brownies, and a large 
cheesecake. I will be toting around a wheeled cooler chest of goodies at 
wInterKingdom.  If you see me there, I'll be happy to show you what is 
available. I'm not trying to do / going to do a 'hard sell' of any kind. If 
you'd like to support the cause, or if you just plain like chocolate, please 
seek me out.

Prices:  For fudge and brownies:  I am asking a minimum donation of $20.00. For 
the cheesecake:  I am asking a minimum donation of $30.00. Anything above and 
beyond that would be your own personal generosity to the cause, and is greatly 
appreciated.  I am donating all materials, ingredients and time -- *all* funds 
collected go directly to the Ladies of the Rose. 

Payment:  Please pay by *check*. This way, I am not handling cash, and there is 
no question as to funds going astray.  I would prefer that checks be made out 
to HRH Vanessa (I have her mundane name available). 

Reservations:  I will probably have somewhere around 8 pans of fudge and 2 - 4 
pans of brownies, and one cheesecake at the event.  If you wish to reserve a 
batch of a specific flavor, please contact me off list. 

Dark Chocolate with DiSaronno (almond)
Dark Chocolate with Chambourd (raspberry)
Milk Chocolate with Baileys Irish Cream
Milk Chocolate with Kahlua
possible: Dark Chocolate with Mint (non-alcoholic)

Triple Chocolate Coffee Kahlua Brownies (with and without nuts)

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