[Namron] ISO: HL Adena Terricsdottir

Ulf Gunnarsson ulfie at cox.net
Tue Dec 4 20:46:45 PST 2007

Halldor scribbled:
>  would ya contact me offlist please?

Wow! What a wonderful opportunity for a shameless plug! (What's a
shameless plug, Adena?)  Her email is on... the web site!  It is:

vujadea200 at aol.com

... And yours (not just Halldor) could be too!  Just check out (and


Click a name (like Adena). It takes you to a page with pictures and
contact info for everyone whose name starts with that letter!

... Okay, that would be the ideal world.  This is the real world.  At
the moment, there are several pictures and a few people who have sent
their contact info to the VScribe.

Look at one of those pages and follow the instructions at the bottom of
it to get your information listed.

Master Ulf
Namron VScribe
(Oh, and I really got Adena's info off the officer's page.  But same

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