[Namron] Jolgeirr's Graduation

matt gelm viking_axeman at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 5 15:13:59 PST 2007

Ulf Gunnarsson <ulfie at cox.net> wrote:
Just what we need... *Another* viking with a degree... *grin*

Congratulations!  As the years go by I've come to realize that the most
important thing one gets with a college degree is the sense of
self-accomplishment.  If you can do this while taking on a new wife,
raising children, paying the bills, and still being involved in a very
social organization then you can handle anything life throws at it.  In
the years ahead there may be mountains that spring up before you, but
each one has a path over it that you *can* cross. You've accomplished a
mighty thing.

Baron Ulf

Thank you for those pearls of wisdom and the grand praise. I do try to get all those great tasks accomplished while attending school. But I could not even come close if I did not have the support of a loving bride and her wonderful mother. I hope you and Maleah can find time in your busy schedule to attend the party we are not having on May 11th.


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